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Federated staring open for test

Autor: M .Jerger
December 30, 2023

Tags: go, forgejo, federation

Hey, we ar on our way to implement federated stars. We created a test instance to show the new feature - an now you can test federation live :-)

  1. The repo ready to receive your star is located at:
  2. Post a star activity at: & press the `Try It Out`` button. The input can look like:
  3. Put "1" in to the repo & add the following payload
          "id": "",
          "type": "Star",
          "source": "forgejo",
          "actor": "",
          "object": ""
  4. As every user can only put one star, we created 12 users for your experiment on our instance "actor": "",. But if you are on a forgejo instance having active activitypub/user-id api you can insert also your foreign-instance-user-uri here.
  5. Press execute & visit again the repo ( and enjoy your star :-)

At the moment we discuss threats arising by this feature. If you are interested we will be happy to get your 2 cents here:


meissa GmbH


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