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Even More Progress on Merging

Autor: C. Geibel
May 24, 2024

Tags: go, forgejo, federation

Since our last blog post, two more PRs have been merged on the way to federated stars in Forgejo. In addition, the 5th PR is already in progress.

As all these smaller PRs are subparts of our larger PR for federation of star activities, the current progress can be seen in the reducing number of "Files Changed" in the large PR:

after 3. PR there are 32 changed files left

before 4. PR there are 31 changed files left

after 4. PR there are 25 changed files left

The number of "Files Changed" is now down to 25 files. We are making good progress here and are grateful for the productive exchange!

Next PRs will come soon, stay tuned.


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