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How To: Federated Stars

Autor: C. Geibel
June 5, 2024

Tags: go, forgejo, federation

With the final PR the first star federation feature will be completely added to Forgejo. You can check out the PR that contains an overview over the new feature:

The feature allows you to define following repositories such as origin of mirrors or forks. If then the mirror or fork gets a star by someone, the origin repository will also get a star via federated ActivityPub like activity. Please note, however, that for now only the star activity is federated. The unstar activity is not yet federated.

How to use it:

  1. Enable federation, by setting setting.Federation.Enabled = true in your config.
  2. Declare the repositories that should follow yours:
    1. Go to your repository settings.
    2. As can be seen in the image below, add the URLs of the following repositories under "Federation Settings". You can find the URLs of the following repositories displayed in their "Federation Settings".

federation settings

With these settings everything is set up to federate the stars from your repository to the following repositories. In the following video you can see the star federation in action:

You can try it out yourself either local or here

You can use our test-user login: 'test' / password: 'test1234' for creating repos (one for star and one to follow) & federate your star.


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