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Federated staring with Like Activity

Autor: M. Jerger
January 30, 2024

Tags: go, forgejo, federation

We did the next step. We now use a plain Like Activity for expressing the Star action. In addition we fixed some bugs, made error responses more meaningful, improved security by validating every input we get on federation & mitigate identified threats (SlowLories, Replay Attacks, Block by future StartTime).

DOS attacks we now mitigate in our k8s ingress. Find the code in our PR for c4k-forgejo.

At you can try out the current code the same way as described above with the following activity (maybe find an unused user by alternating the actors user-id).

  "id": "",
  "type": "Like",
  "actor": "",
  "object": "",
  "startTime": "2024-01-05T23:00:00-08:00"

Please consider to increment the startTime for each api-request - maybe use the current time is a good idea.

In case of interest find the current roadmap at:


meissa GmbH


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