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Ui-Work for Sending Like Activities

Autor: C. Geibel
March 27, 2024

Tags: go, forgejo, federation

Currently we are working on the functionality to send like activities to federated repositories triggered by a users star action on UI.

In the settings of a repository there is now a field allowing to define its federated repositories (that is just intended to be a workaround till "following" on repositories is implemented):

In the following video you can see the star federation in action:

After elaborating architecture of federated users carefully, we are happy that the pattern found also fits to federated repositories. Our enhanced model looks like this:

During last months development, we gained the unexpected insight. If we trigger Activities not carefully in distributed environment this might end in circular Activity communication - a perfect Denial of Service. We outlined some options to handle this:

We ask you for your contribution. We will be very happy to hear from your ideas, questions, comments or experiences :-)

In case of interest find the current roadmap at:


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