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Simplify Setup of Repository Federation

Autor: C. Geibel
April 4, 2024

Tags: go, forgejo, federation

We are approaching the discussion to get our feature merged :-)

Since the last blog post, among other minor improvements, we have improved the setup of federated repositories.

In order to setup a federated repo, it is necesary to provide the ActivityPub URL (containing the repo id) in the settings of the repo. However before, it was not obvious how to get this URL.

Now, the ActivityPub URL can simply be shown in the Federation Settings of the repo. From there, just copy-paste it into the desired repo settings. In the following video you can see the star federation in action with improved setup:

You can try out here

You can use our test-user login: 'test' / password: 'test1234' for creating repos (one for star and one to follow) & federate your star.

Please consider, only the star activity is federated. The unstar activity federates not yet.

In case of interest find the current roadmap at:


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